REVISED June 29, 2016 

1) HOME OWNER ASSOCIATION FEES -Home Owner Association (HOA) Fees are due on the first day of every month and delinquent if received after the tenth (10th) day of the month. 

a. A late fee of $25.00 will be charged for payments received after the tenth (10th) 

day of the month.

b. If any account becomes past due by three months or more, a lien will be placed on the property in accordance with Association By-Laws OR the association may seek a judgement for the past due amount.

c. Checks may not be post-dated. Discounted HOA fees are no longer allowed.

d. Payments can be made automatically through your bank. See the website for details on how to set up.

e. For your convenience there is a payment drop box on the north side of the street near the curve on Dunewood. 


2) SIGNAGE - No outside signs are allowed with the exception of the following: 

a. “For Sale” and “for rent” signs that can be punched in the ground. Signs must be located in non-grass areas. Yard arm signs are NOT allowed.

b. “Garage sale signs” during the time period of the “Ferrysburg Trash to Treasures Citywide” sale. 


3) FLAGS & DECORATIONS - American flags and/or collegiate flags are allowed in the Village however no special interest flags can be displayed on the exterior of the building or grounds. All exterior Christmas decorations must be removed by January 31. 



a. No personal property of any kind is to be stored outside of the building. This includes: RV’s, boats, trailers, trash cans, unlicensed cars, campers, hot tubs, etc. nor any type of storage shed.

b. Patios must be kept reasonably clean and free of debris. Under no circumstances 

are they to be used for general storage. 

5) COMPLAINTS - It is the policy of the Board that in the event of complaints against residents, the complainant must first contact the violating party in an effort to resolve the issue. This step is required before the Board will get involved! The complainant must give their name and address to the Board and allow their name to be used in the settling of said problems, if necessary. 

a. Noise complaints should be directed to the local police.

b. Outside animal complaints should be directed to the City of Ferrysburg. 


6) PETS 

a. Two (2) pets only are allowed but must be confined to the pet owner’s unit and 

are required to be leashed at all times when outside in accordance with the local ordinances. Pets may be 2 dogs, 2 cats or 1 dog and 1 cat. b. Pets must not be allowed to roam free.

c. Pets cannot be tied outside under any circumstance.

d. Owners are responsible for any damage caused by a pet.

e. Pet owners must clean up after their pet IMMEDIATELY.

f. Pets shall not be kept, bred, or used for any commercial purposes.

g. Whenever possible, property owners are asked to notify the pet owner directly if a pet is creating a nuisance to try and resolve the situation directly. If unable to do so, the offending animal should be reported to the City of Ferrysburg and the Board. Property owners are asked to take photos and record pertinent information if the pet owner continues to allow a pet to be a nuisance.

h. MICHIGAN LAW REQUIRES ALL DOGS TO BE LICENSED. All dogs in Parkwood village must be licensed and have a current Rabies shot. 


7) PARKING - Two personal vehicles shall be allowed per owner unit. This means one vehicle must be in the garage and the second one parked immediately outside the corresponding garage. Additional spaces are for guests and, in the event of snow, to permit plows to clean the drives. Parking on the grass is not allowed under any circumstances. Violation of parking rules may result in the owner’s vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense. 

8) TRASH PICK-UP - Trash is picked up on Mondays or, in the event of a holiday, on Tuesday. In accordance with the local ordinance, trash should not be placed outside before 6:00 P.M. on the day before pick-up. Trash should be in plastic trash bags or trash cans. Trash cans should be kept in your garage and returned there before 7:00 P.M. the day of pick-up. Trash receptacles and/or recycling bins remaining by the road the day following trash pick-up may be removed by someone on the Board. For return, contact a Board Member who will collect a $10.00 fine and make arrangements for its return. 


9) OUTSIDE CHANGES - It is the responsibility of each owner to notify the Board of Directors in writing of a desired structural changes. In the event a structural change is to be made, the owner may be expected to “sign off” responsibility with the Association due to possible claims against the Association insurance due to said modifications. 

a. Landscaping changes are encouraged; however, owners must present a “plan” to the Board of Directors for their input and approval

b. Central air conditioning units outside a unit in a highly visible area (street side) 

should be masked with plantings.

c. Hot tubs will only be allowed with the written permission of the Board.




10) PROPERTY DAMAGE - Any damage caused by an owner, owner’s guest or tenant’s negligence will be repaired by the association and billed to the owner for both labor and materials. This includes but is not limited to: lawn damage, any oil spills, damage to siding or the outside of any building or garage, etc. Hoses must be removed from grass areas prior to mowing day. 



11) CHILDRENThe future generation is considered a gift, and with this in mind parents are reminded to keep them under their control and supervision. Due to the insurance liability on the common property, the building of tree forts, play set placement on lawns or basketball hoops are not permitted. Digging up the lawn is never permitted. 



12) PROHIBITED ITEMSThe use of firearms, BB guns, air rifles, bow & arrows and all fireworks, etc. is prohibited at all time. The use of legal fireworks is allowed on the dates that coincide with Ferrysburg City Ordinance. On those dates, they are allowed up until 11:00 P.M. 

13) BOARD MEMBER STATUS REQUIREMENTS - In order to qualify for service on the Parkwood Village Board of Directors, each co-owner must adhere to the following required criteria: All current and future Board Members must completely fulfill the obligation of remitting the monthly assessment as noted in the Parkwood Condominium Association By-Laws, Article 3; Section 4. No current Board Member, at any time, will have a condo fee balance due to the Parkwood Condo Association beyond the standard thirty days. If this occurs, the Board Member will be required to resign effective immediately. 



14) INSURANCE - Owners are responsible for acquiring homeowners insurance to cover the interior of their units and their personal contents. 


15) SKYLIGHTS - Owners are responsible for all repairs or replacements of skylights installed in their units, whether installed by the current owner or a previous owner.